Our house, your refuge


Garpe Group is the result of the restlessness, perseverance, strength and daring of a family that sought to innovate and go beyond its times. Garpe Group would not exist and would not be understood without Garpe Interiores, a company that was born in 1967 as an importer of well-known European glass brands.

Its development was the ideal complement to La Vajilla, founded in 1945, which offered a wide variety in decoration, lighting and products.

In 1970 that non-conformist and explorer spirit led him to be among the first Spanish importers in the sector to undertake brave challenges in the search for new products and designs, such as porcelain and cloisonne, in exotic and unknown countries and at the time such as India at first and China, Vietnam or the Philippines few years later.

In the beginning of the 2000, the 2nd generation of the family took the reins of the business, expanding and diversifying styles and categories, introducing auxiliary furniture, paintings, mirrors and other decorative items that were not previously in their catalogue. This made Garpe Interiores one of the most varied companies in the sector.

This new generation desired to continue growing and loaded with new ideas, they founded Nueva Vajilla, and created a showroom of 700 m2. distributed in different spaces where inspiration, style and the latest trends moved you, and still does today, to your new home.

Being a reference group in the Spanish market for more than 50 years, its eagerness to create, its new facilities of more than 9.000 m2 and constant improvement, leads the 3rd generation to found Ethan Chloe, a firm that norms to inspire a philosophy and style of its own, cheerful , alive and swine, where every pieces moves you to a unique concept of life: your concept of life.

With 4.000 new products per year, Garpe Group seeks a continuous renewal of its more than 5.000 references available, to offer a dynamic and fresh catalogue.

Garpe Group, what would life be without the courage of trying to achieve your dreams?

We will wait for you